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At Jackson Pediatric Dentistry, we know every smile adventure is different, which is why we offer a full toolbox of tricks to keep your little explorer's grin bright and healthy! Take a peek at our smile-saving squad:

Sparkly Cleanings

First Brush Brigade: We love welcoming tiny teeth with gentle cleanings and fun toothbrush lessons. Bye-bye, sugar bugs!

Superhero Sparkle: For bigger adventurers, we’ll whisk away food friends and polish smiles until they shine like trophies. Cavity monsters, beware!

Dental Detective Exams

Tooth Treasure Hunt: We’ll gently explore your little one’s mouth like detectives, checking for hidden sugar treasures and ensuring everything grows strong and healthy.

X-Ray Vision: Sometimes, sneaky sugar bugs hide where we can’t see them. Our special X-ray camera helps us spot them (don’t worry, it’s painless and quick!).

Filling Fiascos

Tiny Tooth Twinkles: No worries if a sugar bug leaves a tiny mark on a tooth! We can fill it with sparkly,tooth-colored magic that blends right in.

Molar Mountain Makeovers: We have special-filling friends who are strong and durable, just like your little hero’s chompers for bigger sugar battles.

And More!

Dental Crowns: Sometimes, a tooth needs a superhero suit, and that’s where our super-strong dental crowns come in! They protect teeth like shields, keeping them healthy and strong.

Dental Sealants: Think of these like tiny tooth raincoats! They cover back teeth with a special shield, stopping sugar bugs from building forts and causing trouble.

Pediatric Endodontics: If a tooth gets a bit much, our gentle superheroes can fix it from the inside out, all while making sure your little hero feels comfy and cozy.

Dental Emergencies: Boo-boos happen, but don’t worry! We’re always here for your smile emergencies, ready to help any time, day or night.

A smile is a superpower.

We’re here to help your little hero keep theirs shining bright for all their epic quests!

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